Riding the Groove

We broke it off diplomatically. It was civil, peaceful, successful, and both parties came out of it satisfied. I couldn’t help but get an incredible erection by how well the whole thing went and how she spoke with me. We felt we could still enjoy each other’s presence, and we even discussed if that would be a difficult thing to handle since we will likely mingle with others flirtatiously. With all this said, it sounds like we shouldn’t break it off at all, but the break was inevitable.

I have the urge to fuck her one more time. I don’t know if it will happen, or if I will because I know it’s probably a bad idea. At the same time, this relieves me of the pressure and temptation that I wouldn’t have acted on before. I am excited to explore again and see what kind of experiences I can have. I have plenty of fun, creative events lined up that could definitely lead to naughty actions. Creativity has a way of putting people on similar wavelengths that turn us on. When we get in that groove, we also want to fuck because a good fuck has that same groove that we ride together. I’m ready to ride the groove with some lovers.

New Years: Ante Meridiem

Following the glorious midnight kiss event, the after-party allowed us to reunite. She was already there along with a bunch of other friendlies, but the actual party was in shambles. A poor effort for such a nice location. Seven-figure house no doubt. How can people party for years and still not know how to host one? Just having alcohol does not make a party good. Anyone can get alcohol. A nice party that is more of an event per se (considering the date in discussion) requires a little more effort, no matter how nice of a house you have [end sidetrack]. One steps up and saves the night by offering another party going on at her friend’s place.

This place is more chill. Music is playing, and people are hanging out and talking. It has a better atmosphere than that wreck we just came from. In addition, this party had some very nice special candy that made the children happy. It was for anyone and everyone. The girl, who brought us there, knows the person who produced the candy for everyone. I’ve had a somewhat strange relationship with her for a long time with a lot of sexual tension. I’m so used to it that it seems like precedent to flirt and speak suggestively with each other any night we go out together. I expect to go through the process of drinking, hugging, kissing (not making out), caressing, but ending the night having lost each other, or with resistance to going any further. Generally this latter response has been from her end, but with a girlfriend, even I am resisting.

Within an hour, everyone has reached pure bliss. It’s a small intimate party, but with just enough people to keep a consistent energy alive in the air. Half of us end up in a small room together laying about, chatting, caressing, and kissing. Similar to what I described before, but much funnier to me because of the circumstances. It was quite silly, in a good way. The girl, described in the previous paragraph, gave the girlfriend and I soft kisses on the lips several times. It felt nice, and I was happy to be in a relaxed situation with everyone. I’m not sure if this would happen under normal circumstances. It may actually, but we never really have been in a similar situation together before. This is where things got interesting, from a conversational stand point. The girl and the girlfriend try to convince me to join the blissful state with them and everyone else. Not happening. It’s not something I’m really concerned with at that moment, and I was quite happy as it is just being present in the room with everyone. After my initial rejection, the girl tells the girlfriend dead seriously: “What if we promise to have a threesome with him if he takes it?” The girlfriend nonchalantly replies, “I’m not going to do that, but you can share him with whoever you want.”

In my mind I am giddy with excitement, eyes wide open, mouth smiling irresistibly. But I play it cool for them. I don’t react to it as if I get such offers every other day. Nevertheless, I still don’t want the stuff. The deal doesn’t even really matter. If this was any other time, I would have been all over that. But I’m not sure how to take the reply from the girlfriend. She is so damned cool about some things, but I don’t think she really would have liked it if I pursued it. I’m not even sure if she meant it. I didn’t really know what to do other than let it play out whether or not anything further happens. I did not want to risk a good night going sour just for something ridiculous. What excited me was more the exchange of words than the actual idea of having a threesome, which can be pursued at any time. As expected, the night continued after that moment, and the idea faded away quickly. We left not too much later. While the others in my crew were still going strong due to the magic stuff, I was ready to crash. The dynamic between us is okay for me. I have fun no matter what.

Another Day

I succombed to her request last night. She lead me to the bathroom by the hand, past her friend who begged us to leave the party with her. Without responding we slipped in and shut the door. I hated the light on and tried to figure out if it could be made dimmer. We settled on no lights. We made out until our eyes adjusted enough to see our silhouettes. Her hand crawled from my chest under my shirt down to my bulging dark jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and slowly worked them off my hips. Once past the hip bone, they casually fell to my knees. She continued to rub my swollen cock from the outside of my underwear. BANG BANG on the door. Some drunk knocked on it. We ignored it. But a minute later he was back knocking. It became more of a distraction. I told her “let’s find a different spot.”

Upon stepping out, the friend walked up asking to leave with her. We gave in, but instead of finding a different spot, the destination became home. Our play time in a public space would have to wait for another day.

Boyfriends Don’t Matter

While I was out at a fun party at the club, I saw an old friend who no longer lives here. She is an extremely sexy woman who seems to know her sexuality perfectly. She also knows how to have fun. I’ve spent countless days and nights with her just enjoying myself, her presence, and life in general. We had sex a few times in the past, but that was a long time ago. Having sex with her has not really crossed my mind in a long time. At least not as an idea that would actually happen, partly because of a long term relationship she has been in and partly because she doesn’t live in the same city as me anymore.

Obviously she was in town to visit family and see some old friends, but I was not aware of her visit until I actually saw her out. She came right up to me and gave me a very warm friendly hug, and then she pulled her head back from my shoulder, looked at me a short moment and kissed my lips with her delicious lips. I was slightly taken back and surprised by this, but I certainly did not mind. She informed me that she is really drunk and so happy to see me. Between the small talk she would continue to kiss me the way she did. I had an intense level of conflicting feelings that moment because the girl I have been having my fling with was standing right behind her. She didn’t notice (I don’t think), but I was so nervous. Yet the feeling of her kisses were so attractive.

I stopped her and asked “Should you be doing this? Don’t you have a boyfriend?” Her response shocked me at that moment. She simply laughed and said “Oh that doesn’t even matter!” The playful, carefree nature of her response was an incredible turn on. Thinking about it now, I am not as surprised by her response as I was when it happened. It brings me back to the personality I know: a woman who knows her sexuality. At that moment I knew I really wanted to have sex with her again. I then hesitated with that idea because I don’t want to be that guy taking advantage of a drunk girl. But I realized she knows what she wants, and she pursued me similarly in the past, even in sobriety. The build up to this desire was followed by a semi-disappointing crash. I suppose in her drunken state, she disappeared somewhere within a few minutes never to be seen again in the night. I had just arrived at the party when I saw her and wanted to mingle at least a little before pursuing other types of fun. Sometimes they get snatched up quickly though. I considered calling her, but I gave up the whole idea. For a moment, it was all so sweet.

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